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Explore more than 100 clubs, teams & chapters on Common Entry Test


What is CET? 🤔

Common Entry Test (CET) is a unique one of its kind portal made to make the recruitment process easier for VIT's Clubs, Teams and Chapters.
How do we make it easy?

Track deadlines


See list of clubs & chapters


Give test(s)


Give interview(s)


See results


One to one guidance

All in the same portal!

Blog 📖

Intrigued by what CET can do but want to know more about recruitments?
We wrote a blog to give you an idea...
And that's a wrap!

Partners 👫

Recruitments wouldn't be this easy without our partners.
Find out more about the type of CET Partners...
Giga Partners

These partners are part of the standardised test. You give 1 common test & apply to all Giga Partners.

Mega Partners

These partners have their individual tests set up on our portal and you give a test for their club on our portal.

Micro Partners

These partners have their tests set up on our portal as well as their portal and you give a test for their club on either portal.

Nano Partners

These partners don’t have tests on our portal but want to make it easier for new recruits. We redirect you to their private test portals.

For any clarifications, reach out to us below!